Why is CBD Oil good for my dog?

Why is CBD Oil good for my dog?

Not only do we worry about the short long-term health of your pet, sometimes it’s hard to know if your dog is in pain. There really is nothing worse than seeing your dog stiff, lame and in pain and struggling every day due to arthritis. Many Venetians will prescribe harsh pain killers to manage the pain, but the side effects of these pain killers can be tough on their stomachs, causing undesirable side effects. Harsh pain killers can be tough on the digestive tract, liver and pancreas. Some pain killers can help reduce pain, but will they do anything for your pets actual condition? Unfortunately, heavy painkillers can increase the deterioration of your dog’s joints. Some pet owners have spoken about the long-term effect prescribed pain killers can have If the dog can’t feel the pain, then it’s going to use the joint more and can cause further long-term injury

Catherine got in touch with us about her 13-year-old White retriever. We spoke about how CBD oil could ease or help loach manage the pain he was in. Catherine got back in touch with us a few months later and this is what she had to say.

Our senior pet Retriever “Laoch”, 13 and a half years old had been in pain with arthritis and joint pain, due to old age and wear and tear God love him as a result his energy levels were very low. Even though he is on glucosamine as prescribed by our vet. Poor Laoch was still very lethargic and slept a lot as a result due to his pain. As you do you will try anything for your pet as they are a valued member of your family. We then brought him to hydrotherapy for his joints, which our vet recommended, as an alternative for strong pharmaceutical medication which would have caused drowsiness. This is where I first heard about CBD oil for dogs. Our hydro therapist recommended CBD oil for dogs. He told me that he gave CBD oil to his own senior dogs. This is my first time to have ever tried CBD oil as I had never heard of CBD oil for dogs. I cannot thank 123CBD enough for their CBD pet oil. The improvement with Laoch is unbelievable.  After a week we could see a difference. His quality of life, energy levels for his age have improved 10-fold, and he is a different dog, he is a happier dog and is more active. I cannot thank you enough. I would highly recommend your CBD Oil.

Thank you Catherine & Laoch

Feedback like this is what motivates us to explore alternative ways to help people and their pets. If you have a CBD story that you would like us to mention don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.