Dog and Cat CBD Drops: CBD Oil for Pets 10ml 🐾


Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets. Our signature full spectrum 5% CBD Oil, which contains 500mg of the active cannabinoids per bottle. This Oil has been produced using our high-quality Organic Grown CBD Hemp Flowers.

This CBD Oil is infused with Organic Hemp oil, which we guarantee your pet will love. Hemp oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which are essential for supporting your pets joints and immune system.


We Love CBD

We love CBD and we pass this across to all our clients, large and small. We are obsessed with quality and one of the few companies who actually can say we know the plants your oil has come from!!

What is CBD for Pets?

Available in many different forms, cannabidiol or CBD for pets has many of the same benefits that it offers to humans. The endocannabinoid system of humans and pets are almost the same.  A great new way to make sure that your pet is in perfect shape at all times, CBD compound extracted from the cannabis plants that will keep up your pet happy and healthy.

Key Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

Research has suggested that CBD oil for pets can help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, help in managing epilepsy and seizures and reduce anxiety and stress. CBD oil promotes cardiovascular health and stimulates appetite.

Recommended dosage

We recommend starting with 1 drop twice a day per 5kg of body weight for the first week. Then increase to 2 drops twice a day thereafter. Before starting any new dietary program always check with your vet.


CBD, CBG, CBC & Hemp Oil.

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