How can I help my Dog who is in pain?

How can I help my Dog who is in pain?

Not only do we worry about the short long term health of your pet, sometimes it’s hard to know if your dog is in pain. There really is nothing worse than seeing your dog stiff, lame and in pain and struggling every day due to arthritis. Many Venetians will prescribe harsh pain killers to manage the pain, but the side effects of these pain killers can be tough on their stomachs, causing undesirable side effects. Harsh pain killers can be tough on the digestive tract, liver and pancreas. Some pain killers can help reduce pain, but will they do anything for your pets actual condition? Unfortunately, heavy painkillers can increase the deterioration of your dog’s joints. Some pet owners have spoken about the long term effect prescribed pain killers can have If the dog cant feel the pain then it’s going to use the joint more and can cause further long term injury

Natural Pain Management for you Dog

For dogs that are in pain, and you have noticed the condition worsen over time it’s time to try a natural way to manage the pain. We recommend adding CBD Oil to your dog’s diet. CBD oil for pets is a fantastic natural pain reliever with no nasty side effects. CBD oil for dogs has a natural anti-inflammatory effect, it is full of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA) have also been documented to be of help in dogs with arthritis and pain.

What worked for Buddy could work for your pet

“Buddy is a 6-year-old English springer spaniel male who is very active and cant relax says Joe. I adopted him when he was 3 months of age and could tell he was going to be a heavily active dog when he got older. Buddy fitted in great with our family but after a year I noticed he was lame on his back left leg and was having difficulty walking sometimes. I took a trip to the vet and after some X-rays etc I was told that he needed to take painkillers and he would need surgery in the future. I started adding the painkillers into his diet and it all went downhill. He wasn’t as active as before and his personality was gone, it was like he was zonked all the time. A friend of mine who has been using a company called 123CBD mentioned that this CBD company would be stocking a CBD oil for pets, so I reached out. I spoke with  David from 123CBD and he said to me have you considered your dog’s diet. If he is active every day, are you feeding him the correct amount of calories per day? David touched on mixing two drops of 123CBD’s 5% CBD oil into Buddy’s food every day for the pain and to help get the joint inflammation down. We also spoke about adding raw meat into his food along with two drops of CBD oil every day. I never taught about calories and nutrients for Buddy it all started to make sense. I can say that I noticed a great improvement in Buddy’s movement, mood and coat after 3 weeks”

Feedback like this is what motivates us to explore alternative ways to help people and their pets. If you have a CBD story that you would like us to mention don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.